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Root Chain


Root Chain is Revolutionizing Ethereum Layer 2 for Intent-Centric Ecosystems

Built on top of L2 Rollup technology, Root Chain introduces native support for Abstract Accounts within the Root Network. This translates to a user experience akin to Web2, with significantly faster transaction speeds and lower fees while maintaining 100% compatibility with the existing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standard.

Through Multi-chain Account Abstraction (MAA), Root Network users leverage their ISME DIDs (Identity Services) to establish a single identity and user interface. This single access point allows for seamless authentication and authorization across diverse applications and platforms within the Web3 landscape.

MAA offers more than just control over your data. It opens up a world of possibilities, empowering you to potentially monetize your data within certain applications. Imagine the potential for financial gain from your own data!

Below are some key features of the Root Chain:

  • Native Account Abstraction: With EIP-7560, Root Chain revolutionizes account management by making account abstraction native to our Layer 2. This innovation means that every Externally Owned Account (EOA) functions like a Smart Account with native gas sponsorship.
  • Seedless Wallets: Leveraging EIP-7212, Root Chain introduces cost-effective, intermediary-free access to Passkey and Webauthn technologies. This allows users to securely access their wallets using biometric authentication like FaceID.
  • Enhanced Performance and Cost Efficiency: Aligned with Celestia Data Availability (DA), Root Chain offers significantly higher transaction processing speeds (TPS) and substantially lower gas fees than other Layer 2 solutions.
  • Native Yield Opportunities: Assets transferred to Root Chain, such as ETH, LST, and LRT, automatically generate yield through Ethereum staking and additional rewards.
  • Decentralized Sequencer Network: Secured by the ISME token, this network enhances security and distributes staking rewards and sequencer fees to node operators, stakers, and developers, fostering a robust community-driven ecosystem.
  • Root Ecosystem Grants: Dedicated tokens support builders focused on enhancing the Intent-Centric ecosystem, speeding up the global adoption of web3 technologies.